Adorini Humidors

Adorini's Premium Cabinet humidors are renowned for their quality and modernist sleek design. This German company has been designing Cigar Humidors since 1999 and distributes it's Cigar Humidors all around the world. Adorini Humidor generally would be considered to be positioned at the higher end of the market
AdoriniAdorini Prato Glass Top Humidor - Deluxe - 900 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Roma Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black - 6000 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Humidor Cabinet Capri Deluxe black - 6000 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Capri Cabinet Humidor in ebony - 6000 Cigar ct
AdoriniCigar Cabinet Adorini Aficionado Deluxe - 400 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Antique Humidor Safe Cassaforte Limited Edition 2019
AdoriniAdorini Roma Humidor Cabinet Cedar with Electronic Humidifier - 6000 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Roma Humidor Cabinet White with Electronic Humidifier - 6000 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Salina Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black - 1500 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Ebony Salina Cabinet Humidor - 1500 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Roma Humidor Cabinet Mahogany with Electronic Humidifier - 6000 ct
AdoriniAdorini Bari Deluxe Cigar Display Cabinet - 1100 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Vega Deluxe Glass Top Humidor Mahogany


More information about Adorini


The Adorini Roma Model is one of the most popular Adorini Humidor models and is a customer favorite Cabinet Humidor . It is also one of the best cabinet humidors on the market. From the outside, it looks very nice and is the perfect size for most collectors. The humidor can accommodate up to 10000 cigars, and from the outside, it looks like it will be very comfortable. 


Adorini Humidors, Spanish Cedar & Features

Adorini should also be commended for having included a well-written and informative pamphlet detailing why the Spanish cedar is preferred and the advantages of storing cigars in it. The small cupboard has a front glass door, which is visually nice. As soon as you open the door to an Adorini Humidor, the doors seem to open into a small room with a large open-plan glass window. An Adorini humidor has outdone itself in terms of innovation!


Easy Setup of the Adorini Humidor

The setup is relatively simple and maintenance quite simple, with only a few minor changes to the humidifier and a few minor adjustments. You can install a larger humidification unit in the humidor (e.g. cigar oasis Excel) and still use the tray. The Humidor Guide booklet that accompanies this humidor is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen on a cigar accessory. 


Adorini Humidor's Clever Design

A favourite feature of this feeling of moisture in the Adorini Humidor is the grooved walls and floors, which allow a better flow of air and moisture to the cigars. Adorini is a great humidor not just because it is easy to use. The functionality of the Adorini Humidor is that it is really smart. A lot of thought has gone into this product and the grooves on the Adorini Humidor are just one indication of this. In the middle of the upper tray is a large hole in the AirVent , an indication that they've chosen it.  This allows much better humidity to flow through the humidor and allows much greater flexibility in organizing your cigars than is possible with most humidors. Any solution to attach a hygrometer or humidifier to a lid containing any form of glue is doomed to failure and sadness.  If you want to notice the plastic clip - on the label on the back of the humidor - it is there for your convenience and convenience. 


Excellent Humidity control from Adorini

Every cigar smoker likes his own humidor and collects his cigars, keeps them in perfect condition and they will age nicely in the humidor. Basically, seasoning your humidors ensures that they maintain proper moisture throughout their entire life. By seasoning the humidity OR and the risk of the humidity dropping, you can ensure that your humidity reaches the desired relative humidity level and that it is safe to put your cigars inside without running the risk of the humidity dripping.   The cigars sealed inside are handcrafted - handmade treasures made to the highest standards by traditional professional cigar manufacturers. So do not be impatient, The reward of a perfectly moistened cigar will be worth it. 


Durability of an Adorini Humidor

The great thing about this humidor is that the cedar lining of the interior is much more durable than in most cheap humidors.


19th century Safe Humidor from Adorini

The German cigar accessories company, which specializes in humidor, has restored a 19th century safe and turned it into a functional humidor cabinet. The Cologne-based company named it after the Italian safe Cassaforte and gave it a name: the Adorini Safe, after its original owner, the famous Italian General Antonio Adori. Dating from the late 19th century, this Ad Orini safe is just over six feet tall and weighs more than 1,400 pounds.


Frequently Asked Questions?.


What is a good cigar humidor and how many cigars can you keep in it and for how long?

The storage space is often mentioned as a characteristic of a humidor, but always depends on the size and the storage space of the humidors.


Are Adorini Cabinet Humidors portable & efficient?

Cabinet Humidor can be moved from one end of the room to the other in seconds or even minutes. If the cabinet humidor is enormous, it is recommended not to move it often, but if it is small enough, you can move the cabinet humidor easily in less than a minute or two. Wheels can be attached to the bottom of the humidor and then moved, but is not available at the top, so you have to move it yourself.

You can refill the same cartridge from an Adorini Humidor up to three times, so you don't have to buy a new cartridge every time, but can refill it three times in a row.

After filling, wait a few minutes for the water level to adjust, and then attach it to the device again. Humidifier cartridges can only be refilled with distilled water, you cannot use tape or ordinary water to refill the cartridge. Humidifier cartridge can be refilled with water up to three times in a row, but not more than once a day.


Do Adorini Cabinet Humidor's have LED lights?

Adorini Cabinet humidors have like lights, but most cabinet humidors are without built-in - in LED light, and they cause no problems.


Conclusions About Adorini

An Adorini humidor sets new standards in terms of humidor construction. The adorini Roma series ensures maximum performance by combining the most sophisticated components, top quality materials and innovative humidor product design. All adorini models carry a lifetime warranty. The humidification systems found in a adorini humidor are extremely reliable, and the high precision hygrometers allow for extra-fine control over the storage conditions in your cigar humidor.


Do Adorini Cabinet Humidors come in a variety of colors?
No, most of the Adorini Humidors come in Black, although the Adorini Roma Humidor does come in a range of colors. There are five to choose from.

Are Adorini Cigar Humidors made in the USA?.
Adorini Cigar Humidors are actually made in Germany.

Do Adorini Cigar Humidors include a Hygrometer?
Yes, all the Adorini Humidors include a built in Hygrometer

How good is the Adorini Warranty?
Adorini Cigar humidor come with a lifetime warranty. Such is the quality of these products

What is the most popular Adorini Humidor?
The Adorini Prato is the most popular Cabinet Humidor because of it's sleek design and supreme functionality.

Do the Adorini Cabinet Humidors have LED lights?
Yes these are included in the Humidor



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