Daniel Marshall

The Daniel Marshall collection speaks elegance and style. They offer a large collection of small humidors that can keep your cigars in a great condition. Their small size and portability also adds value to the product. These humidors can usually store up to a maximum of 150 cigars at any given time.

Since the late 1990s, Marshall has a reputation for producing some of the best humidors in the world. He earned much of that reputation by making humidors for celebrities and charity auctions, but Marshall produces high-quality humidors that the daily cigar connoisseur can trust and enjoy. 


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About Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall famously created the first Treasure Chest humidor in 1992. The first to buy it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who later had it photographed for a story that appeared in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, as well as on the cover of the magazine.

Daniel Marshall's Treasure Chest Humidors feature a gently curved lid that transforms rare root wood grain into a pattern that appears in motion. The production of the humidor requires more than six months and involves the use of a high-quality stainless steel and glass coating that gives permanent protection and shiny depth to the outside of the moisture.

Each humidor in the collection is marked with a serial number and the year of production. We have a good customer experience when we have them repaired. Humidors in our treasure chest have the same quality as our other products and a high quality workmanship and service. The Ambiente Daniel Marshall humidors are made of gold - gold-plated hinges and locks, and the humidors behave as if they fit into a slot. Ambiente features a matte black exterior.

People aspire to own a Daniel Marshall humidor, but Daniel Marshall doesn't sell humidors or cigars, wthey sell experience and trust. It is the DNA of the brand that holds everything together, and that has created the reputation that the company enjoys today.