Electric Cigar Humidors

Electronic Cigar humidors serve multiple purposes. Electric Cigar Humidors can be plugged in and used as an air purifier. So it’s a cigar smoking experience like no other. You can smoke a cigar or tobacco without damaging the air quality. The best humidors regulate temperature, and our collection of automated electric humidors do just that!. Portable or not, the best electronic cigar humidifiers ensure the correct humidity of your cigars and thus serve as good storage for them.


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Different types of the best Electronic Cigar Humidors for sale

If you are a not newcomer to cigars, you may need to consider a larger capacity product before you start thinking about storing cigars. All humidor reviews will tell you that depending on why you need one, different cigar humidors perform different functions, and you may want to get a good electronic humidor that suits personal or professional needs.

It is important to look for a cigar humidor that will keep your stogies moist and fresh every time you keep them for some reason. We sell some of the best cigar humidors on the market to offer you quality options to facilitate your work.


What is an Electric Cigar Humidor?

A normal humidor is a humidity-controlled box in your room that is mainly used to store cigars, cigarettes, cannabis, pipes and tobacco. The primary function of humidors is to maintain a constant and desirable level of moisture inside; too much or too little moisture can be harmful to your tobacco products. Secondly, they protect their contents from physical damage and sunlight. Many humidity testers use hygrometers to monitor their humidity, and this is common in cigar shops, which can be up to a foot above the humidity.

A high-quality electronic humidor cabinet has the best cigar humidifier. The best electronic humidor helps keep your cigars fresh so you can enjoy them to the fullest. A built-in fan to ensure that the temperature remains the same throughout the unit. The size of the unit is balanced by the amount of content you want to store in it and the size and shape of your cigar. Proper maintenance of your cigar with an automated humidor is a worthwhile investment so that you can continue your hobby as you get more serious about your cigar collection. 

It ensures a stable temperature and humidity level and at the same time insulates you from harmful environmental influences. It comes with an integrated hygrometer that makes it easy to control the RH (temperature) of the radiator so you can preserve the distinctive flavor of your cigar. 

Just make sure that temperature and humidity are regulated to the right level for your cigars and you have a great place to ripen your collection. As you can see, it doesn't hurt to have a cigar cool humidor in your home, you just have to adjust the humidity level to regulate it. 

A good cabinet humidor should not only look good, but also maintain optimum moisture levels, properly preserve your cigar collection and maintain perfect storage temperatures. Essentially, a cabinet moisturizer is like a normal humidor that you keep on your shelf or desk. With an electronic humidor, you can safely keep your cigars at the "perfect storage temperature". Cigars need a certain temperature and humidity level to keep them fresh for long-term storage, and without a humidor, you cannot keep them in the right humidity. If you are really a cigar enthusiast, a beautifully designed electric humidor is a great buy as it is much more affordable than the more expensive but still very good gas humidors. When it comes to your cigar collection, moisturizers are always a must - if you plan to keep cigars longer than two weeks. 


Frequently Ask Questions:

Do Electric Cigar Humidors include a lock?

Most do in fact come lockable, but you must check with the model specifications band check if the automated humidor has one.

What is an Electric Cigar Humidor?

An Electric Humidor is a humidor that has a demonstrated built-in humidification system that automatically keeps the temperature stable.

How much is a humidor?

The cost of an electronic humidor varies. A small compact cheap electronic humidor can start at around $250 and can go up to $5000 or more. Most large electronic cabinet Humidors are around the $2000 mark.

What makes a good humidor?

There are several factors involved here. One is to check if its the best humidor brand. The best brands on the market vary but include, Adorini, Whynter, Newair, Quality Importers, Prestige Importers, Visol, Bey-Berk, American Chest.

What kind of humidor should i buy?

You should consider your own passion for the cigar and then determine what your needs are. For example, the size of your anticipated cigar collection is a major factor when choosing any cigar humidor.


Some of our personal best Electric Cigar Humidors recommendations from the best humidor brands

We review three of the best options on the market and also look at the most important characteristics to look for in a humidor. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best cigar cool humidor for you and decide what is best for your cigar collection by choosing a good one that suits your needs. There are models with a capacity of 100 cigars or less and models with a capacity of up to 500 cigars, but all models in our automated Humidors collection are great options that will give you a great smoking experience. 

The Clevelander Electronic Cigar Humidor

Prestige Importers humidors cabinet are made of stainless steel and have tempered glass, and it is the first of its kind in the world.

Inside, there is a stainless steel frame in which the humidity temperature (Celsius / Fahrenheit) is displayed. The electronic cigar vending machine has two sliding trays with built-in lighting, and at the bottom of each tray, there is an area where a full box of cigars can be stored.

It has a thermoelectric cooling system so it can be monitored and adjusted via an external digital scoreboard. If you want to buy, the Cleveland Electronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet will top the list for the best price in its class.

The Clevelander Electronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet Features:

- Electronic Humidor Holds 250 Cigars
- Temperature Controlled Humidor
- Thermoelectric Cooling System
- 51-64F Degree Temperature Range
- Digital Cigar Hygrometer
- Humidification Tray and Sponge
- Stainless Steel Exterior
- Tempered Glass Door
- Interior Light
- 3 Removeable Sliding Trays
- Extra Space for Full Cigar Box
- Dimensions are 19"H x 14"W x 20"D

The NewAir CC-300 Electronic Humidor

The NewAir CC-300 is a cigar cooler designed for up to 400 cigars and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The inside of the cigar cooler is equipped with cool blue LED lights that give the appearance of a device without affecting the temperature and humidity of your cooler. The interior shelf is made of Spanish cedar, which not only looks and smells great, but also helps to keep pests away from your cigars. In addition, there is built-in - in shelves on the inside of this device for easy access to your cigar collection. It has been designed for a stylish black exterior that fits any living area or office environment. 

The Redford Lite Electronic Humidor

The Redford Lite is probably considered the best electric humidor. It is excellent value for money for an electronic cabinet humidor and a bestseller and customer favorite. If you don't need a full-fledged cigar cooler for your cigar collection, this is a perfect choice. The Redford Lite is an excellent value for money for an electronic cabinet humidor, a bestseller, and customer favorite. If you don't need a full-fledged cigar cooler for your cigar collection, this is a perfect choice.

The large Humidor of the Prestige Import Group is a work of art, the interior is lined with Spanish cedar and has 6 large shelves that can hold up to 4,000 cigars. The Cabinet Humidors come with an elegant black finish that will complement your cigar shop at home. With a more modern feel, it looks more like a modern cigar cooler than a traditional cabinet or cooler. 


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