Best Humidors $100 - $300

The Cigar humidor will reliably store your cigars. If cigars are left randomly, they can become dry or soggy, depending on the moisture level in the air. A humidor is a box made of wood or acrylic. The best wood ones are more reliable as compared to acrylic. The main concern to use the humidor is long-lasting storage. The acrylic humidors act like preservative jars that can damage cigars after a certain period. So the wood humidors mostly use for preserving the cigars.


Quality ImportersModular Humidor - Top + Base - 200 - 400 Cigar ct
Starting at $229.99Sold out
Humidor SupremeHumidor Supreme Blue Line PD 100ct w/ Hygrometer&Humidifier Exterior
$149.00 $159.00
Bey-BerkLacquered "Walnut" Wood 60 Cigar Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Accessory Drawer
VisolVisol Ridge Mixed Wood 50 Cigar Humidor
$220.00 Sold out
Craftsman's BenchCraftsman's Bench Key West Humidor - 90 Cigar ct
$84.00 $170.00
XikarXikar HP Humidor - 75 Cigar ct.
Quality ImportersPresidente Humidor - 100 Cigar ct
$149.99 $175.00
Bey-BerkLacquered "Walnut" Wood Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Glass See-thru Lid - 60 Cigar ct
VisolVisol Collin Matte Black Clear Top Cigar Humidor - Holds 100 Cigars
$200.00 Sold out
VisolVisol PortHole Burlwood Finish Cigar Humidor - Holds 75 Cigars
$230.00 Sold out
Quality ImportersQuality Importers San Marco Table Humidor - 300 Cigar ct
$350.00 $390.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Berkeley II High Glass Top Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 100 Cigar ct
$139.90 $189.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Medici Large Desktop Humidor - 400-500 Cigar ct
$269.00 $420.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Montgomery Studded Chest Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 150 Cigar ct
$208.00 $259.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Humidor Amalfi - 75 Cigar Count
$184.00 $210.00
Quality ImportersHumidor Othello Desktop - 100 Cigar ct by Quality Importers
$155.00 $159.00
Quality ImportersRambo Humidor - 25 Cigar Capacity
$99.99 $120.00 Sold out
Craftsman's BenchCraftsman's Bench Laredo Humidor - 90 Cigar ct
$85.00 $89.00 Sold out
Craftsman's BenchCraftsman's Bench Saxon Humidor - 65 Cigar ct
$95.00 $170.00
AmmodorThe Fat 50 with Tray Ammo Can Humidor - 50 Cigar ct
AmmodorThe Fat 50 Ammo Can Humidor - 50 Cigar ct
AmmodorThe 50 with Tray Ammo Can Humidor - 50 Cigar ct
AmmodorThe 50 Ammo Can by Ammodor - 50 Cigar ct
Quality ImportersCapri Old Glory Humidor with Printed USA flag - 25 Cigar Ct
$110.00 $150.00
VisolPierre Cardin Bastrop Glass Top Cigar Humidor Gift Set - Holds 50 Cigars
$160.00 Sold out
XikarXikar HP Humidor - 75 Cigar ct.
Quality ImportersVenetian Humidor - 125 Cigar ct
$111.99 $167.00 Sold out
Quality ImportersVenetian Humidor - 125 Cigar ct
$111.99 $167.00
Quality ImportersTreasure Dome Humidor - 250 cigar ct
$259.00 $275.00

More information about the best humidors

Humidor Architecture

The best humidor has a tint finished exterior and Spanish cedar interior. Mahogany and cherry are the most common exterior finish in the humidors. Most of the best humidors have a glass top or front. The transparent glass is used to provide a clear view of the collection placed inside the humidor. But if you need to keep the humidor in a place where direct sunlight interacts, then you should not use the glass top or front humidors. Because of direct sunlight can cause the humidor to overheat. The Spanish cedar interior absorbs the extra moisture and humidity. It maintains the balance humidity level to keep the original flavor and aroma of cigars alive. That’s why cigar smokers prefer to use a wood humidor with a Spanish cedar lined interior.


Humidor Features

The hygrometers included in the humidors monitor the humidity level. There are two types of hygrometers.


Digital Hygrometers and Analog Hygrometers.

The digital hygrometer displays the humidity levels in digits that are quite easier to check. The analog hygrometers display humidity on the analog dial. The Humidifiers also set inside the humidors. The hygrometers are made of high-quality brass or industrial stainless steel and transparent glass. Some of the round rings have plated with the gold layer. They are attached to the exterior front panel or lid of the small humidors. So the user can easily keep a check on the monitor, displaying the humidity level inside the humidor.


The best humidifier's controls the moisture and humidity inside the humidor. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains the best humidity so, the cigars may not become too dry or soggy. The humidifier absorbs and releases moisture. The moisture absorbed on exceeding required level. And the moisture released to balancing the requires level. The humidifiers hold a gel or clay. They are already available in the humidifier. But you can replace it if needed. It comes in packets. These packets are available in our boveda section


Lock and key for the Humidor

The best humidors have a lock and key to provide the security of thecollection stored inside the humidor. They also have a cedar tray to provide extra storage space for single cigars and accessories. The cedar tray can remove if you don’t need extra space for storage.

Humidor Types

The humidors come in different sizes. It includes desktop humidor, travel humidor, cabinet humidor, etc. The cabinet humidors are huge, having storage capacity for thousands of cigars. The cabinet humidors have an electric humidification system. The humidor contains a refill of distilled water. The user needs only once to start up the system. After starting, the system works on its own. The cigars can store for a long time in cabinet humidors. The desktop and travel humidors come with a manual humidification system. They can also store cigars for a long time.

Desktop Humidors:

Small wooden boxes to keep on counters of shops or desks of offices

Table humidors: 

Central wood tables to keep in coffee bars 

Travel Humidors:

Easy portable to use for traveling

Desktop Humidors:

The desktop humidors come with an attractive exterior. They look like a small wooden box. These humidors design for both commercial and personal use. In tobacco stores, they use to display the samples of flavors. In personal use, they use to keep on the desk of an office table or a corner table in drawing rooms. They can store from 50 up to 100 products depending on the size. These humidors have limited features like glass hygrometer to monitor the humidity level, humidifiers for air circulation, lockset along with the key for security.

Travel Humidors:

These humidors are specially designed for traveling. They are small in size with less storage space. The size and weight of these humidors design in such a way that to keep them convenient during travel. All basic and essential features include in these humidors, like a hygrometer with a small digital or analog monitor to check the humidity level and humidifier for fresh air to pass through the humidor. A lock with key is also available for security.

Cabinet Humidors:

Cabinets are large humidors. They look like a wooden cupboard, with panels. They come with dual-panels and a single panel depending on the size of humidor. The best Cabinet humidors commonly use on the commercial level, where the huge amount of products need to store for a long duration. They usually place at the corner of the room and seem like part of the furniture. They can store thousands of products. Most of the cabinet humidors come with a digital, auto-control humidification system. In this system, the user needs only once to adjust the humidity level.

Features the best humidor should have:

Now the main concern is, how will you choose the best cigar humidor? To get the right answer to this question, you need to list out your requirement. You should know about the details of the features that you are looking for in your humidor.

Here we listed some important features. These features should be available in an ideal best humidor.

  • Most preferably wood exterior
  • Mahogany or cherry finish
  • Spanish Cedar lined interior
  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Lock and key
  • Extra Cedar tray
  • A humidity level between 65% to 70%

If a humidor has equipped with all the above features, then you may consider it the best humidor. Some people feel confused about the ideal humidity level. The purpose of the humidor is to store cigars in a most suitable humidity. The ideal humidity is 65% to 70%. If the humidity level increases from 70%, the cigars may survive up to 72%. But when the humidity crosses 72%, it can cause damage to the cigars. That is why the hygrometers are attached to the humidor. The most trustworthy companies to buy have a fully equipped humidor are the following:


Prestige Import Group Humidors

Daniel Marshall

Quality Importers Humidors

Humidor supreme Humidors

Dov Salvatore Humidors

Adorini Humidors



Here are some best humidors. These humidors are unbeatable in quality and features.

The Redford Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 1250 Cigar ct

Humidor Features

  • Digital display.
  • Automatic control humidification system.
  • 1250 cigars storage capacity.
  • Tempered glass door.
  • Automatic humidification system.
  • Sealed door to avoid leakages.
  • Digital display screen.

Adorini Antique Humidor Safe Cassaforte Limited Edition 2019

Humidor Features:

  • Wood and iron interior
  • Hygrometer included
  • Spanish cedar lined wood
  • 3 drawers
  • 1 removable tray
  • Electronic humidification system

Porsche Design Carbon Fiber and Spanish Cedar Humidor (Holds 50 Cigars)

Humidor Features:

  • Carbon fiber exterior
  • Silver ring round exterior hygrometer
  • A rectangle humidifier
  • Spanish cedar lined interior
  • Removable tray
  • The storage capacity of 50 cigars


Humidor Features

  • Matte
  • Black finish
  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Spanish
  • cedar lined interior
  • Lockset

Ill Duomo Display Dome Humidor

Humidor Features:

  • Matte brown finish
  • Round analog hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Spanish cedar lined interior
  • Lockset with tassel key
  • Gold plated engravedside hinges
  • Removable extra tray
  • Storage for 150 cigars

Adorini Salina Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black

Humidor Features:

  • Matte black vanish.
  • Tempered glass front, top and side panels.
  • Lockset along with the key.
  • Spanish cedar lined.
  • Electronic controlled humidification system.
  • Removable drawers.
  • Stainless steel long door handle.


Now we will guide you about some of the best FAQ that will help you to buy the best humidor.

Is the humidifier replaceable? Do we need to change the humidor?

No, you don’t need to change the humidor. The humidifiers can replace. It comes in gel packs. The humidifier packs are available. The most recommended humidifier packs are boveda humidity packs.


Is it ok to keep the cigar wrapped in a cover?

The best way to keep cigars uncovered so that the moisture can properly pass through the cigars. In this way, the humidor can work effectively.

Do humidors come ready to operate?

The wooden humidors do not come ready to operate. You need to assemble all the components. The manual comes along with the humidor. You can read the instructions to assemble the humidor. It may be a time taking process. But all steps should follow properly, with patience. Because you need to use your humidor for a long time.

Do I need to buy new cartridges for a humidifier or I can refill the same one?

Yes, you can refill the same cartridges three times but only with the distilled water. After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit.


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