Cabinet Humidor

A Cabinet Humidor is the Holy Grail for storing Cigars. As Cigar connoisseurs become more serious about their Cigar collections the unique ways of storing them in the home have become more popular. They very much resemble furniture in private homes and for the commercial cigar customer Humidor Cabinet's have always been a great way to display Cigars for sale. There is now a very wide selection of wood's and shapes, displays to choose from. We also can facilitate custom orders of Cabinet Humidors.


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More Details about Cigar Humidor Cabinets

Humidor Cabinet is a large in size and sometime an In-wall humidor. It can store up to thousands of cigars. They can be used on a commercial level like in cigar or tobacco stores. But it can be also used on the domestic level if need.

Humidor Cabinets are available with different features and sizes. The exterior of the humidor has many styles and glances. But the main concern remains the same which is the secure storage of cigars for a long time.

The basic features available in almost every humidor are a hygrometer, a humidifier, a Spanish cedar lined interior, a lockset along with the key.

Now let's discuss the functionality of the features obtainable in the humidor cabinet.

A hygrometer is a device that uses to measure the amount of humidity and moisture in a compact area. It attaches to the door of the cabinet humidors. It also has a display to monitor the change in humidity level. It comes in two displays, a digital display, and an analog display.

In a digital hygrometer, the monitor gives output in numbers. Whereas, in analog hygrometer, the monitor gives output with a pointer.

A humidifier is a device that controls the moisture and humidity inside the humidor. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains this ideal humidity so, the cigars may not become too dry or soggy. The humidifiers hold a gel or clay type material. They are Boveda Humidity packs. They do available in the humidifier. But you can replace it.

Spanish Cedar Interior:
The interior of the humidors has lined with Spanish cedar. Because it absorbs the excessive amount of moisture. It also helps to balance the humidity level in the humidor. The dividers and trays of the humidor also made from the Spanish cedar.

The lockset attaches to humidors for securing the cigar collection. It protects the cigars from strangers and thieves.

Electronic or Electric Humidor Cabinet:
In the electronic humidor cabinet, the built-in digital hygrometer installs. The user needs to adjust the temperature and humidity level only once. After the system starts working, it monitors the humidity by itself and maintains the ideal humidity level by absorbing or releasing the air depending on the requirement. It turns on the fan when the humidity level drops from the set point. And automatically turns off the fan when it reaches back to the required humidity level.

The Advanced multi-functional control unit displays:
Current relative humidity (in percentage)
Pre-set relative humidity (in percentage)
Average relative humidity of last 3 days
Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
It also removes the musty air from the humidor. In simple humidor, the user needs to keep a check on the changes in the temperature or moisture.

Here are some best humidor cabinets. These humidors are unbeatable in quality and features.

Adorini Roma Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black - 6000 Cigar ct:

Product Features:
  • Adorini brand humidor
  • High-quality black multiple lacquer finish
  • LED lights installation
  • 5 shelf levels
  • Interior walls and all trays from Spanish cedar veneer
  • Extra strong walls for improved isolation, resulting in lower electricity and water consumption
  • Extra-strong door construction, to ensure proper closing of the door after many years of use
  • Designed for permanent commercial use
  • Humidification based on "cold condensation" for optimum cigar conditioning
  • No special humidification liquid required. Works simply with distilled water


E8060 Genuine USA made Spanish Cedar Commercial - Retail Electronic Cabinet Humidor - 5000 Cigar ct:

Product Features:

  • 7 Adjustable Spanish Cedar Racks
  • Tempered Glass Doors
  • Optional LED Lights
  • Optional Digital Hygrometer & Humidification Unit
  • Available in different colors including Black
  • Optional Wood Doors


The Reagan 4000 Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 4000 Cigar ct:

Product Features:

  • Rich Dark Cherry Finish
  • White LED Lighting Illuminates All Shelves
  • 12 Drawer Style Shelves on Metal Slides
  • 2 Removable Tray with 2 Dividers
  • 3 Adjustable Dividers per Shelf
  • Features Cooling & Heating Systems
  • Toggle Between Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Temperature Adjustable 41F-71F
  • Humidity Adjustable 56%-78%
  • Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir
  • Adjustable Hygrometer Calibration
  • Cedar Lined Trays & Shelves
  • Sleek Push Button Digital Control Panel With Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings
  • De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains Glass Free of Condensation
  • Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan
  • De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity
  • Embossed Wood Side Panels & Crown Molding Accents
  • Tempered Tinted Glass Door with Heavy Duty Seal
  • Operates on 110/120 Volts
  • 220/240 Volt Version Available (Please Inquire)


Quality Importers Merchandise Large Display Humidor:

Product Features:

  • Solid wood frame
  • Tempered glass walls
  • 3 Tempered glass shelves
  • 2 Doors at the bottom
  • 2 Light bulbs at the top
  • Black finish
  • Dimensions: 48" W X 16" D X 84" H


Now we will guide you about some FAQ that will help you to buy the best humidor.

What is the best cigar humidor?
If a humidor has equipped with the wood exterior, Spanish cedar lined interior, a built-in electronic humidification system, a digital hygrometer, and a lock with the key then, you can say it as the best cigar humidor.

How many cigars can I keep in my humidor?
It always depends on the size and storage space of the humidor. The storage space commonly mentions in the features of a humidor.

Can I move the cabinet humidor?
As the cabinet humidors have a huge size, so it is recommended not to move them frequently. But if you need to move, the wheels are available. You can attach the wheels with the bottom of the humidor and then moves it.

Do I need to buy a new cartridge every time?
No, you don’t. You can refill the same cartridge three times. After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit.

Can I use any water to refill the cartridge of the humidifier?
No, the cartridge of the humidifier can be refilled with distilled water only. You can not use the tape or ordinary water to refill the cartridge.

Do the Cabinet Humidors have lights?
Yes, most of the cabinet humidors have built-in LED lights.