Quality ImportersModular Humidor - Top + Base - 200 - 400 Cigar ct
Starting at $229.99Sold out
Prestige Import GroupThe Remington Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 2000 Cigar ct
$2,249.00 $2,899.00
VisolVisol Gorman Macassar Ebony Cabinet Humidor - Holds up to 150 Cigars
AdoriniAdorini Roma Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black - 6000 Cigar ct
Prestige Import GroupThe Redford Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 1250 Cigar ct
$1,895.00 $1,999.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Glass Top Coffee Table Humidor - 400 Cigar ct
$849.00 $899.00
WhynterCHC-421HC Whynter 4.2 cu.ft. Electric Cigar Cabinet Cooler and Humidor - 400 Cigar ct
$939.00 $999.00
AdoriniAdorini Capri Cabinet Humidor in ebony - 6000 Cigar ct
Prestige Import GroupThe Reagan 4000 Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 4000 Cigar ct
$3,999.00 $6,160.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Remington Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 2000 Cigar ct
$2,590.00 $2,750.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Barbatus Wooden Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 2000 Cigar ct
$1,190.00 $1,299.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Spartacus Display Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 1000 Cigar ct
$878.00 $999.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Belmont Table Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 600 Cigar ct
$378.00 $489.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers San Marco Table Humidor - 300 Cigar ct
$350.00 $390.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Medici Large Desktop Humidor - 400-500 Cigar ct
$269.00 $420.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Large Cigar Humidor Wine Rack 3000 Ct
$3,500.00 $3,999.00
USA MadeCopy of 30 Unit Cigar Locker by USA Made
$0.00 Sold out
USA MadeE8448 Genuine USA Spanish Cedar made Commercial - Retail Electronic Cabinet Humidor - 4000 Cigar ct
USA MadeE84 Genuine USA made Commercial - Retail Cabinet Humidor - 4000 Cigar ct
USA MadeE8060 Genuine USA made Spanish Cedar Commercial - Retail Electronic Cabinet Humidor - 5000 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Antique Humidor Safe Cassaforte Limited Edition 2019
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Commercial Display Humidor 5000 Cigar Capacity
$2,290.00 $2,400.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Verona Deluxe Cabinet Humidor - 2000 Cigar ct
$1,379.00 $2,000.00
Quality Importers2021 Quality Importers Tower of Power Humidor - 3000 Cigar ct
$1,109.00 $2,000.00
Quality ImportersSovereign Cabinet Humidor - 4000 Cigar ct
Quality ImportersNapoleon No. II Humidor - 150 Cigar ct
$289.00 $300.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Monarch Cabinet Humidor - 1500 Cigar Capacity
$1,245.00 $1,300.00
Quality ImportersIndulgence Table Humidor - 500 Cigar ct
$570.00 $595.00
Quality ImportersIll Duomo Display Dome Humidor - 150 Cigar ct
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Quality ImportersHavana Foot Locker Medici Humidor - 500 Cigar ct
$350.00 $490.00
Quality ImportersEscalade Humidor - 5000 Cigar ct
$480.00 $500.00
Quality ImportersEl Diablo Humidor - 300 Cigar ct
DoradoDorado Pecan Wood Humidor - 180 Cigar Ct
$199.00 $219.00
DoradoDorado Distressed Heart Wood Humidor - 180 Cigar Ct
$220.00 $225.00
Quality ImportersCurrency Humidor - 175 Cigar ct
$240.00 $246.00
Quality ImportersCountertop Display Humidor - 150 Cigar ct
$320.00 $350.00
Quality ImportersChancellor Antique Tower Humidor by Quality Importers - 3000 Cigar ct
$1,399.99 $2,500.00
AdoriniAdorini Bari Deluxe Cigar Display Cabinet - 1100 Cigar ct
AdoriniAdorini Roma Humidor Cabinet Mahogany with Electronic Humidifier - 6000 ct
AdoriniAdorini Salina Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black - 1500 Cigar ct
Prestige Import GroupRedford Electric Humidor Cabinet by Prestige Import Group - 1250 Cigar ct
$2,195.00 $2,295.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers El Rey Glass Top Humidor - 150 Cigar ct
$150.00 $189.00
Quality ImportersCigar Locker Wall Cabinet Humidor by Quality Importers - 5000 Cigar ct
$2,299.00 $2,799.00
Prestige Import GroupThe Bermuda Large Display Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 4000 Cigar ct
$2,200.00 $2,590.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Merchandise Large Display Humidor
$1,889.95 $2,100.00
Quality ImportersQuality Importers Single Merchandise Display Humidor


About Large humidors

Take a look at our Humidor page to see more products in the large humidor category. Remember that a good seal prevents moisture from escaping. And we also have a wide range of spanish cedar cigar humidors and wooden humdiors. Remember to ask yourself the question, How many cigars do you want to keep in your humidor ?. So you want a cabinet humidor?. Do you want spanish cedar?. Would you prefer an electronic humidor for your cigars?

What is the purpose of large humidor?

A large cabinet humidor is a humidity-controlled box in your room that is mainly used to store cigars, cigarettes, cannabis, pipes and tobacco. The primary function of humidors is to maintain a constant and desirable level of moisture inside. Too much or too little moisture can be harmful to tobacco products, so many humidifiers use hygrometers to monitor their humidity. Secondly, wetlands protect their contents from physical damage and from degradation in cabinet humidors for cigars. Remember that a good quality humidor will prevent any issues!.

The importance of humidity control in large humidors including cabinet cigar humidors

One of the most important factors is that dry cabinet humidors or even table humidors can become a prison and cause great damage to the wood and cigars so remember the humidity control of your humidor cabinet. How often do you plan to maintain your large cigar collection, and how often does your cabinet humidor dry out? If you are a person who likes to put it down and forget about it, pay close attention to the seals, they go hand in hand with wooden humidors and the cigars themselves.

A range of large humidors and furniture humidors to choose from

Large Humidors or cigar cabinets come in a range of different styles and materials and can range from very elegant to plain and simple. It really depends on your preferences, but a high-quality humidor preserves your collection regardless of its aesthetic. There is though the common theme that spanish cedar is the industry standard in interior makeup of any furniture humidor. The wood in an unseasoned humidor absorbs moisture from the inside, and the box size retains 62% moisture to prevent mold. This works very efficiently with spanish cedar.

The best way to bring the wood back to its normal humidity of 60% is to place a small container of distilled water in the humidors for 1-3 days. Cigars can be stored in a humidor box of this size for 2-4 days, with a maximum humidity of 70%, but humidor boxes of any size can retain 62% humidity for 3-5 days to prevent mold and moisture retention. The humidor contains a permanent humidification system to keep the air moist, which in turn keeps the cigar moist. While the maximum humidity of a large humidity (60 - 75%) can vary slightly depending on the preferences of the cigar smoker, it should not exceed 75% as the hatching potential of the humidor is low.

Using the Hygrometer in a cigar cabinet

The more times a user calibrates the hygrometer and adds a solution to the humidifier, the better. Thus most large humidors are made of Spanish cedar, radiators are made of stainless steel, but large acrylic cigar humidors are becoming increasingly popular. Most large humidor cabinets contain a device that can measure the humidity of the environment, such as a hygrometer. Regardless, digital hygrometers tend to be more accurate than analog ones, but they're still not as accurate as analog ones.

Electronic large humidor humidifiers

Electronic large humidifiers are also available for the cabinet humidor and are usually reserved for very large humidifiers. The sensor measures outdoor humidity and then activates a fan that blows air into the humidor from a damp sponge or water tank. As soon as the set humidity level is reached, the fan stops and the sensor monitors the humidity.

The accuracy of an electronic humidifier inside the humidor cigar cabinet even if it is not spanish cedar depends primarily on the integrated sensor type, but the capacitive type is preferred. In this way it can maintain the same humidity as a normal air conditioner or air conditioner. It is also typically activated when the moisture needs to be replenished to prevent moisture loss.

Inside the cigar humidor, It is calibrated to absorb and release humidity in various humidity ranges, including low, medium, high and high humidity, as well as high and low humidity, creating a buffer effect of relative humidity. A third alternative is bead beds with silica gel beads, which are known to remove moisture from packaging and containers.

Inside the cigar humidor, to prevent the eggs of tobacco beetles from hatching and to prevent cigar rot, their internal temperature should be kept low. The desired aging process of cigars can be impaired, which makes storage in the wine cellar problematic. If necessary, you only need to distill water, but propylene glycol can ruin the taste and aroma of the cigar, as well as the taste and texture of your cigar. Remember these problems are and if you follow the simple instructions your humidors cabinet with take good care of your cigars.

Crown Cigar Humidors

we want to offer our customers superior humidors at excellent prices. Our top priority is customer service to people who wish to purchase large humidors cabinets and we are committed to the quality of our cigar humidor products.

We want your shopping experience for humidors large or desktop humidor , or just home humidors to be unique and thoroughly enjoyable every time you visit our store. We promise to do everything in our power to provide you with a first-class shopping experience and to answer all your questions and concerns. If you're not satisfied, there's no better place for you than the Crown Humidors customer service team to ask anything you about buying a cabinet humidor.

If we cannot find an answer to your question, we can offer you a few quick and easy solutions. If you have a product question or need help, please read our information and FAQ sections to see if they can answer your cigars question.

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